February 2021
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  • About Sharon McGarvey Searches
  • About Sharon McGarvey Searches
  • About Sharon McGarvey Searches
  • About Sharon McGarvey Searches

About Sharon McGarvey Searches

I am a mother of four great children & happily married. I began searching for new & second hand goods for friends & colleagues. For the past two to three years i've done searches for those who do not have access to the internet or just too busy to search for deals on items.

About Sharon McGarvey Searches I have found items from free cookers to fridges, cheap brand new brake discs & pads to mobile mechanics & recently a recliner leather chair which oursearch4u found £800 cheaper than he was originally quoted.

Everything is being driven towards the internet but this only effects the majority, there are still the minority who cannot afford the internet or simply prefer not to try it with their age; these are the people who miss out on the cheaper goods generally found on the internet. This is a brand new site that takes the stress away from you & leaves your valuable time to spend doing what you enjoy.

With life styles being kept busy with work & family the last thing you feel like doing is searching the internet for items that you will generally find cheaper online than in high street shops.

This is a BRAND NEW site that will save you time, this is a very personal & free service with no automated messages on the phone, our company will search for the items you require within a time span usually 2 hours and email you back with your request or personally call you back on a number you have given.

We also have a manned phone line that is ideal for those who do not have access to the internet, they call customer service who will take details, have a search completed and call back with all the relevant information.

This is a brand new site for those who feel they miss out on the cheaper goods, cheaper train tickets, or they are just looking for local reliable trades people to do small jobs for them, oursearch4u team will source all the contacts for you.

Please leave your details of how you would like to be contacted & description of item(s) within a radius & a member of our team will get back to you.

We also allow new businesses to advertise on our site, who are struggling with all the expense of starting out with the option of pay as you go monthly standing order, no contracts & no minimum time limit, this also allows oursearch4u team to pass on your details to our personal callers who are looking for your services.
For the best deals check regularly as they are constantly changing.      |      Cheapest items sourced from your area.      |      Do you want to be recommended to your community?      |      No contracts, phone for details.      |      01942 665395